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Keyword Suggestion Tool: Best Keyword Generator for SEO Research

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Keyword Tool do ?With SE Ranking’s Keyword Research, you can get plenty of keyword ideas along with every essential metric such as search volume, keyword difficulty and cost per click. You will also see if shown keywords trigger any SERP features. Additionally, you can analyze a keyword and check out the top 100 pages that currently compete for it in organic and paid search .Is your tool a Google’s Keyword Planner alternative ?

Google’s Keyword Planner and SE Ranking’s Keyword Research do overlap in functionality but they aren’t identical. Using both tools, you can check monthly search volume, CPC, and get keyword ideas. On top of that, SE Ranking allows you to estimate current and historical competition in organic SERPs plus view the most popular ads for the analyzed keyword.

How does your keyword research tool work ?To analyze a keyword, you should type it into the search box, choose a relevant search engine and country, and click search. It’ll take the system a few seconds to collect data and display it in the overview and detailed reports. You can analyze the data in the interface or tải về your reports in. CSV or. XLS file formats .Can I use your keyword generator for không tính tiền ?You can use SE Ranking’s Keyword Research without signing up to get 10 reports a day. You’ll be able to see the pages ranking among the top 10 search results and get a limited number of keyword suggestions in your reports. Using the keyword generator to its full capacity requires you to sign up for a không lấy phí trial that lasts 14 days .Where does your tool get keywords from ?

SE Ranking has its own keyword databases for 100+ regions. They cover more than three billion keywords and get expanded regularly. If your business belongs to a specific niche and you don’t see relevant keywords in SE Ranking, you can submit a list of keywords you want to analyze and they will be added to our databases within a month.

Does your keyword search tool tư vấn different languages and countries ?SE Ranking’s databases cover keywords used by searchers in multiple languages and countries. Currently, you can use the Keyword Research tool to search for keywords used in 100 + regions. We increase the size of our regional databases every month and regularly expand our reach to new markets .Why should I choose SE Ranking for keyword research ?SE Ranking provides you with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use tool to collect relevant keywords for your website, analyze them against key metrics, and immediately see your SERP competitors. With SE Ranking, you get all the necessary data to plan your organic and paid search campaigns within a single interface .

How to do keyword research for SEO?

To do proper keyword research, you should go through the following steps : create a list of seed keywords, use SE Ranking’s Keyword Research tool to collect the maximum number of search queries for each seed keyword, remove duplicates and junk search queries, and segment relevant keywords to distribute them across your website .How do I find long-tail keywords with your tool ?SE Ranking’s Keyword Research generates a separate list of low search volume keyword suggestions. The keywords on the list are mostly long-tail. They consist of more than 3 words and reflect very specific search intents .

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