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The repository contains 52666 records. The 10 latest additions are:

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  • GAOMBALET, Célestin Guy-Serge (2021): La Zlecaf à l’épreuve des déterminants et stratégies d’internationalisation des firmes multinationales ainsi que du régime du multilatéralisme commercial de l’OMC.
  • Bukvić, Rajko (2021): Оценка состояния и перспективы цифровой трансформации экономики Сербии. Forthcoming in: I Международная научно-практическая конференция «Развитие сервисной деятельности в условиях цифровизации экономики: актуальные проблемы и их решение», 30 апреля 2021 г., «Нижегородский государственный инженерно-экономический университет» Факультет сервиса (2021): pp. 1-10.
  • Zolea, Riccardo (2021): The relation between interest rate and profit rate: the role of bank profitability in an endogenous money framework.
  • Nguyen, Cuong (2020): Urban Poverty in Vietnam: Recent Evidences from Household Surveys.
  • Saccal, Alessandro (2021): Efficiency wage (and slavery) efficiency: in theory and in time.
  • Juárez-Luna, David and Urdiales, Eduardo (2021): Generación de electricidad fotovoltaica: ignorada, en la práctica como en la teoría, en México.
  • Azzi, Abdelkebir and Masih, Mansur (2018): Oil price volatility and macroeconomic determinants of growth: evidence from Morocco.
  • Ali, Shabbir and Nadeem, Ahmed (2021): The Impact of Socio-emotional competencies, Socio-economic factors, and the Employability process on Employment Status.
  • Charnikat, Charnikat and Masih, Mansur (2016): Granger-causal relationship between real exchange rate and economic growth: Malaysia as a case study.
  • Sajid, Zoya and Iftikhar, Naba and Ghouri, Ushna and Siddiqui, Humbal and Uddin, Kaleem (2021): Examining the role of consumer satisfaction within mobile eco-systems: Evidence from mobile banking services.